About the Artist

ken_portraitAs a child, I was always using my hands to build and create. Growing up with a Mother as an Artist/Designer and a Father using his hands as a Dentist, I was immersed in a creative, hands-on environment, rich with priceless learning experiences and valuable practice opportunities. I spent years developing my natural abilities and “God Given” talents to become a skilled craftsman. It was only natural to form my own company, “Ken’s Jewelry” in 1990.

I began my undergraduate studies at East Carolina University where I studied business. Upon graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design with a Film and Video Production Degree, I started my career as an Investment Banker/Stock Broker in Atlanta until the collapse of the financial market after 9/11.

I have now come full circle by moving back closer to my roots on the waters of Eastern North Carolina, starting a family and doing something I truly love. Through my business, Ken’s Handcrafted Jewelry, I have discovered once more the pleasure of visualizing designs while creating jewelry.